Blizzard knitting

Just finished sock one for my step-daughter E. On to sock number two. I’m watching The Birds another Hitchcock Classic. What a blizzard we are having. I can hear the wind howling. We still have power so I’m grateful. It’s times like these I think about what we need to add to our Emergency supplies. I’m thinking canned goods would be a good idea. Something we don’t usually have in our pantry. Our lanterns are ready, water collected, we have gas for the generator and batteries for our radio. For people without power in NS, take care!


Hitchcock and Sangria Socks

I’m having a relaxing day. Trying to finish D’s Sangria socks. I’m on the last one while being entertained by Hitchcock’s “Dial M for Murder” yet again. Next I think I will watch “Rope” by Hitchcock. Knitting with a cashmere blend is rather nice. If I have any left over I’m going to use it in a shawl I think. There are so many uses for left over sock weight yarn.
I’ve also started The Gemma Pullover by Robin Melanson. I’m knitting with Schulana a silk, wool, cashmere blend that is as light as a feather. It’s a silk tube stuffed with cashmere. It’s cool, and the silk gives the garment a kind of sheen. Like it is sun-kissed.