Write the poem

This is fun…

Kinda ignoring the list of word associations but whatevs!


Around the corner

Around the corner

I smell it before I see it,

It’s nearer than I think,

I know I can’t ignore it,

I know it won’t leave,

I can’t afford the sorrow it brings,

I can’t change its crimes.

It won’t give it a rest,

It’s out of its mind.

By Dawn

When Darkness Comes

When darkness comes

When the darkness comes,

It blocks out the light.

Hovering overhead to drown me in delight.

A cruel, damp, and soggy mess.

Pours itself into my soul.

While it gasps for air and scratches for life,

My soul sputters and spits the vile mess.

Fighting for life it takes a deep breath,

Takes hold of the darkness and strangles it to death.

I’m Awake

I’m Awake by Dawn Illsley

I’m awake.

Thinking of happy places.

Avoiding the dark ones.

The places I get lost in.

Some things I’ll never understand,

Including myself.

My reason for being.

Why hanging on is torture.

What torture?

Why Hang on?

When letting go is so much more,

When letting go is not giving in.

Giving in to what?

Maybe it’s destiny

Maybe it’s not.

Maybe it’s just right.