This is happy by Camilla Gibb

So I read this memoir this morning in its entirety.  It caught me on page one and I’m still thinking about it.  The bravery of writing your own truth.  It’s amazing to me.  There’s poetry in the words and real life on the page.  I had to keep checking if it was a true memoir.  Sometimes your life on paper doesn’t seem real or that people can survive hardship as they do.  She’s my next favorite Canadian novelist.  

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So I was so out of sorts today, I felt no purpose since I took the day off and my other plans were postponed.  I should be thankful that I had friends to hang with and there’s great things happening in my area.  

The wonderful Box of Delights bookstore had these gems to spur my imagination.

Perfect food…

CSA at its finest

Beautiful eggs from Taproot farms

Rythym Parade

It’s Deep Roots weekend in the valley!!🎶😎

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My Eden

The dog and I went on a hike today on our lands.  I found a quiet spot, near the river.  

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Midnight Watercolor

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The Cellar by Minette Walters


I’ve never read anything by this author before, but I definitely will search for more at the library. This novella is about a girl, Muna, who is enslaved by a family.  She endures torture but has a surprising inner strength.  This book is a little creepy, it’s fun to read a creepy book once in awhile.  It has a feel of “Gone Girl” about it.  The author kept me rooting for the main character, Muna right up until the end.  I wanted to cheer and cringe at the same time.



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Lola Shawl


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Cabin adventures 

Such a productive day…


It’s amazing what can happen in a day.  

My favorite tree on the whole property.

I’d love to be able to date these bottles.

Our apple trees are of unknown variety, not sprayed and are perfectly edible. An older hardy variety.

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