Podcasts I ❤️ 

So I’ve been listening to some fabulous podcasts in the new year. A good friend M got me hooked.  I’ve found Lore, about folklore.  So awesome for a history nerd like me.  I’m a fan of true crime and forensic evidence, so Detective is fascinating.  Someone knows something is keeping me on the edge of my seat.  My New Years resolutions are getting kicked in the butt by The Minimalists.  These guys are so inspiring!!!
I went from this x 3…

To this…

A mess of yarn and books to this..

I like seeing the yarn.  Before I had a mess of colours and weights in plastic bins.  

18th century fashion

The handcraft guild at Louisbourg creates beautiful things.  This 18th century ladies pocket I purchased today at The Fortress gift shop.  They make great yarn bags.  I like the idea of having a pocket to tie on.  I probably could make it steampunkish.  Well I could try…

Miss Fix-it

I got out my sewing machine, it’s been very neglected, for a very long time…

To fix this sleeve…

Now I’m inspired…I don’t have a stash of fabric like I do yarn so I may try to pick up some lacy cloth to remake some of my t-shirts into this…

How about these great ideas…


I love the old sweaters turned into mitts.  I have some thinking to do!!

Catching up

Here is my latest knit:
Colonnade shawl by Stephen West, knit with CEY Sprout, 100% organic cotton. It was fun to knit with bulky yarn, it was super quick and satisfying. I’m hoping good for Spring.



I started reading the books championed for this years Canada Reads 2015. I finished: And The Birds Rained Down by Jocelyne Saucier and I’m starting The Inconvenient Indian by
Thomas King.



Here are my new projects on the needles right now:
Mittens for me:

And a hat for my co-worker: