So I was so out of sorts today, I felt no purpose since I took the day off and my other plans were postponed.  I should be thankful that I had friends to hang with and there’s great things happening in my area.  

The wonderful Box of Delights bookstore had these gems to spur my imagination.

Perfect food…

CSA at its finest
Beautiful eggs from Taproot farms
Rythym Parade

It’s Deep Roots weekend in the valley!!🎶😎

Sleeping Beauty

We saw the most delightful performance last night.  Jörgen ballet’s version of Sleeping Beauty at the Rebecca Cohn.  There’s nothing like the sound of pointe shoes on a stage floor.  I’m always amazed by the strength and fortitude it takes to perform all of those scenes and make it look easy.  The pit orchestra was awesome, with the sound of the bassoon and the harp.  Lovely!   



We loved the Addams Family Musical!  It was full of sly humor and terrific dance numbers.  I’m always amazed by the costuming, make up and stage effects.  Sometimes I pay more attention to those details than the actual story.  It’s a delicious buffet for my senses.  I remembered my high school musical days down in the “pit”, playing music for Brigadoon.  The cast and crew did a marvellous job.  

We have such talent here in Nova Scotia.  I wish our government could see the wealth in funding our cultural endeavours.  Art and culture is what makes us human.  

Catch up

So I’ve been knitting, dancing, reading lately but not sharing.

Tuesday Night knitting group:



Osmena Hat:

Which I finished today while I ate this lovely lunch by the cool folk at The Rolled Oat:


I will be starting Flamenco lessons next week so I picked up this lace skirt for my class:

New book to start. I heard a lot of great things about it, Canadian author, whoop whoop!!