So I was so out of sorts today, I felt no purpose since I took the day off and my other plans were postponed.  I should be thankful that I had friends to hang with and there’s great things happening in my area.  

The wonderful Box of Delights bookstore had these gems to spur my imagination.

Perfect food…

CSA at its finest
Beautiful eggs from Taproot farms
Rythym Parade

It’s Deep Roots weekend in the valley!!🎶😎

Flax Harvest

I had a fun few hours helping to harvest my CSA farm’s field of flax.  I love getting my fingers in the soil.  Hand harvesting makes you connect with the soil like nothing else.  It’s inspiring to see a community of like-minded people come together for a common goal.  Harvest flax, make fibre, make clothes.  The spinning display was a marvel.  I need to add spinning to my life for sure.