This movie was awesome!  I laughed, cringed, and cried.  Ethan Hawke (Everett Lewis) and Sally Hawkins (Maud Lewis) play the lead roles.  Sally Hawkins obviously put a lot of heart and soul into the role.  Ethan, I haven’t watch him in many roles, Dead Poets Society probably was the last one I saw.  I’m totally in his fan club now!  The Cinematography was beautiful.  Shot in NFLD but resembled Digby and Marshalltown N.S.  I was impressed.  


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The series Shetland has me captivated by the history and folklore of The Shetland Islands.  The mysteries are great too.  Such beauty.  Folklore is interesting because there’s always some basis in fact.  Fishing out the fact from the fiction is the fun.  Mix in some genealogy and Archeaology and I’m hooked.   


I’m so excited to share this movie review! I watched Tracks last evening. Found on Netflix. It’s based on a true life event and book by Robyn Davidson. She journeyed across the desert to the ocean with camels and just herself, it lasted 1700 miles and hundreds of days. It was fantastic, the storyline itself was amazing, the fact it’s true is almost unbelievable. I’ve since downloaded the book to read. Robyn Davidson’s adventures in the Australian Desert was inspiring and says a lot about basic human needs and desires. The story is filled with girl power. I laughed and cried (Well blubbered really). Worth seeing for sure!!