Knitting update

I took a little blog vacation.  I had to put my knitting on the shelf for a bit because of tendonitis.  I have a few things on my needles…

Knitting at The Wool and Tart
Knitting at The Wool and Tart
This is a Purl Bee pattern. Herringbone scarf.
Affirmative shawl, knit with Burly Spun.

I finished the mittens, just a simple pattern I adapted for bulky yarn.  They were so quick I don’t think I’ll knit mittens with anything but bulky weight.


I found a beautiful shawl pattern Affirmative shawl, that uses super bulky yarn.  It’s going super quick.  Very satisfying.

I’ve made a dent in my Christmas knitting.  I started earlier this year, I’m trying to stress out this year.  We’ll see.

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