Poetry day

Reckless Adventure by Dawn Illsley

The waves crash and retreat back to repeat.

I shouldn’t be surprised by my wet toes,

but the waves chase me up the beach.

Like a game of tag in the back yard.

I’ve wandered into a place not meant for me.

I feel like an intruder,

The sign says off limits.

But I still go,

cheating the under tow,

Reckless adventure.

Dig Day One

It’s a peaceful place along the North Shore where we are excavating. Reuniting with the people and places that are familiar now on my seventh season here is something I always look forward to. Being with like minded folks who share this love of history and piecing together the past is something I need like air. It recharges my batteries and clears away the cobwebs from my brain. Here are a few photos from today’s events.