Between by Angie Abdou

I picked this book up because it was flagged Canadian at the library.  

It’s a different take on the traditional story of domestic woes.  It kept me reading.  A husband and wife raising two boys search for meaning in their marriage and family.  They get a nanny from the Philipines and the story takes off from there.  Definitely worth a read.  

Enon by Paul Harding

This is Paul Hardings second novel.  His first was critically acclaimed novel Tinkers.  Tinkers is on my list to read soon, they are connected but it isn’t necessary to read Tinkers first.    

 His novel Enon is a devastatingly sad story about a father who loses his young daughter and how he struggles with the loss.  I think the author really brings it home how loss can damage  the soul and wound the heart.  It changes who you are really, and the way you see the world.  Bits of hope shine through the story to keep the reader going.

The Cat’s Table By Michael Ondaatje¬†

I finished this book last week.  It took awhile to sink in, I let the words ruminate in my brain for awhile.  Firstly, well written, I don’t think I would still be thinking about it if it wasn’t.  It’s about an eleven-year old boys adventure on board a ship bound for England.  There were some Huckleberry Finn moments with his motley crew of friends.  This journey across sometimes turbulent waters lasted weeks but the experiences echoed throughout his life.  It ends with dark reveals and unanswered questions.  It’s definitely worth the read.   


The Love Song of Miss Queenie Hennessy by Rachel Joyce

I finally finished this book, once I got into the story and I wasn’t distracted by other reads I was hooked. The story was a journey like the companion of this book The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. I wish I had read them closer together because some of the meaning was lost in my memory. The book was about a lady who was in the process of dying and remembering her life. Each chapter a story of past or present as she confessed her truths. Absolving her sins and finding meaning along the way as she waited for Harold Fry. The ending had an interesting twist on reality. Definitely worth a read.