Dig Day Two

My second and last day was great. I wish I could stay longer but my job calls. We found some interesting artifacts today. Wood, copper, ceramics and a few mysteries. I’ll have to wait until the analysis happens before I can find out the whole story. With every season there always arises a new question, it keeps you going until the next digging season comes. Here are some photos.



Planting Seeds and Bridal Bliss

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend a bridal shower for a lovely girl on a beautiful day. You know I love silver tea pots and china cups. It was a fun event with laughter and even knitting. The lovely girl manager of the yarn shop where I frequently knit. Take a look at the crazy Fascinator I made, of course instead of on my head I wore it on my wrist.

I planted my seeds, as usual during Apple Blossom time. Weeds!!