The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath

I’ve read similarly themed books about the perspective of a mentally ill peraon.  This was a bit different, I think to the average reader without knowledge of mental illness it may not resonate with them.  She wrote from the perspective of a woman who was suffering, with clinical “lack of insight” into her own illness.  Which is interesting because it’s part autobiographical.  So when it was written was she suffering from lack of insight or had she gained enough to write the story clearly from a perspective of wellness?   Very intriguing.


I received an impromptu lesson on the spinning wheel today. I was excited.  It is a technique I would have to practice if I wanted to be at all effective at it.

I’m pretty sure I look adorable doing it;) Thanks to Tammy for giving me her guidance.   This wool/flax blend would be great for a utilitarian apron or market bag.  I can’t wait until this years flax harvest is ready to become linen fibre.  The harvest I helped with.  It would mean a lot to me to be involved in the production of garments. 


So much fun!