Things to do when you are mending from the flu….

Journaling …

Catch up on your fav Netflix series…

The series Shetland has me captivated by the history and folklore of The Shetland Islands.  The mysteries are great too.  Such beauty.  Folklore is interesting because there’s always some basis in fact.  Fishing out the fact from the fiction is the fun.  Mix in some genealogy and Archeaology and I’m hooked.   

Flax Harvest

I had a fun few hours helping to harvest my CSA farm’s field of flax.  I love getting my fingers in the soil.  Hand harvesting makes you connect with the soil like nothing else.  It’s inspiring to see a community of like-minded people come together for a common goal.  Harvest flax, make fibre, make clothes.  The spinning display was a marvel.  I need to add spinning to my life for sure.  

It arrived!

It’s that time of year again.  The spring issue of Taproot is here.  There are so many awesome things in this issue.  It’s so relevant to what is going on in my world.  Like they read my mind.  Seriously!  There’s a recipe for rose petal rice pudding and a knitting pattern for a beautiful hat and fingerless mitts.