The Douglas Notebooks:A Fable by Christine Eddie

  This little story had a big impact.  It’s a story of broken families, true love, grief, and the search for meaning in life.  What we all hope to obtain in life, the ultimate, love and acceptance.  A child is born and a mother lost and the father is disabled by grief.  She is taken in and loved by two people brought together, one out of love for the childs mother and another with a sense of duty that turns into a deep affection that mends her broken soul.  The child grows and rekindles a relationship with her father.  They except each other for who they are.  Music is a prominent theme in this book.  Bringing people together.  Mending a broken heart and soothing a grief stricken soul.  It was a quick read I really enjoyed.  


One thought on “The Douglas Notebooks:A Fable by Christine Eddie

  1. I’m glad you liked it! I don’t even think I mentioned the music, but you’re right, it plays a big part. i think I focused on the tress. 🙂

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