Morris East

Today I’m galavanting in Halifax. I started at The Loop yarn store and found some beautiful yarns. I wish I could share the feel of them. Soft and luxurious.
I’m sitting in the cemetery across from St Mary’s Basilica writing this post. I stopped in because I like the peacefulness of cemeteries and also because I had the feeling I may have some ancestors here. I actually do. I remember their names from my research. Samuel Rudolph died at 90 years of age in 1826. Imagine! His wives are buried beside him.
I found a restaurant on Morris St, Morris East that has gluten free pizza. The pizza was a fried egg and Avocado wood fired pizza. It was very good. I had a salted Caramel gluten free tart for dessert, which I’m recovering from at the moment. Oh my was it sweet goodness!! Take a look, do I not look content.







I want to knit those socks! This beautiful smocked sweater also has to be in my queue. It’s knit with Berroco, one of my fav yarns.


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