Canada Reads Final Thoughts

There’s only two books left, Cockroach by Rawi Hage and The Orenda by Joseph Boyden. Both about the marginalization of people in society. Jian: Does The Orenda reinforce dangerous stereotypes? Interesting question. Stephen Lewis on The Orenda: “It is the original injustice”. Yes! Stephen Lewis. It does needs to be reconciled, it does need to be understood. I’ve always known that our history needs to be understood in order to understand ourselves and how we fit in this world. Wab Kinew is a force!

…The Orenda… Awesome, my favorite!!

Thanks CBC and Joseph Boyden

2 thoughts on “Canada Reads Final Thoughts

  1. I loved listening to the panel discussing all the issues. Wab did a fantastic job defending The Orenda (my fav, by the way), and Stephen Lewis had some pretty good things to say too. I love that he calls it the “original injustice”! Sam B really did a good job with Cockroach, a book I didn’t really enjoy.

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