I received an impromptu lesson on the spinning wheel today. I was excited.  It is a technique I would have to practice if I wanted to be at all effective at it.

I’m pretty sure I look adorable doing it;) Thanks to Tammy for giving me her guidance.   This wool/flax blend would be great for a utilitarian apron or market bag.  I can’t wait until this years flax harvest is ready to become linen fibre.  The harvest I helped with.  It would mean a lot to me to be involved in the production of garments. 


So much fun!

Flax Harvest

I had a fun few hours helping to harvest my CSA farm’s field of flax.  I love getting my fingers in the soil.  Hand harvesting makes you connect with the soil like nothing else.  It’s inspiring to see a community of like-minded people come together for a common goal.  Harvest flax, make fibre, make clothes.  The spinning display was a marvel.  I need to add spinning to my life for sure.  

18th century fashion

The handcraft guild at Louisbourg creates beautiful things.  This 18th century ladies pocket I purchased today at The Fortress gift shop.  They make great yarn bags.  I like the idea of having a pocket to tie on.  I probably could make it steampunkish.  Well I could try…